Experiential Story-Workshop

Llew Llaw Gyffes
Llew Llaw Gyffes by Margaret Jones

Time: 18.30 Friday evening to 14.00 Sunday afternoon
Non-residential: light lunch provided on Saturday, teas/coffee
Max number participants 6
Cost: £150 … non-returnable deposit of £50 secures your place.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of knowing the world, the universe and everything.

Stories, our old mythology and folk tales evoke the spirit within us. This weekend evolves and revolves around the old tale of Llew Llaw Gyffes and his growth from callow, unthinking youth to king. It’s the journey we all make during our lives.

Following Llew’s path over this weekend you will have the opportunity to meet and come to terms with your spirit-self in a very deep way. This is what our old stories were about, what their purpose is … to transform, transmute and initiate us.

The workshop includes a journey-telling of this story and working, with drawing and craftwork, with the themes and the images that arise for you during this journey.

The workshop is structured to give you 2 nights in which to dream and journey and be able to share this with the group, so expanding everyone’s experience.

Storytelling is the way I grew up. My parents and the elders of the village told us children, and the grown-ups, these stories and I’ve never forgotten the experience. I’m sharing it on now … it helps people find and make a whole new relationship with themselves and with everything around them.

  • email me at elen.sentier@yahoo.co.uk for the next workshop date.