I’m a writer with Moon Books, Cosmic Egg Books & Earth Books all at John Hunt Publishing

Moon song coverA love story … and a ghost story. Tristan has committed suicide. Isolde goes to work with an ex-boyfriend in the West Country and meets Mark King and they fall in love. Then she discovers he’s Tristan’s adopted brother. She goes to live with him in Cornwall, meets the faer folk of the wild wood. They tell her Tristan died too soon without finishing his last song, the Moon Song. They ask her to bring him back from the Isles of the Dead to write it. She agrees. Isoldé has lots to learn and it’s hard, Mark helps but it nearly breaks their relationship. She journeys across the bridge of moonlight, nearly gets stuck there in the Isles of the Dead, and Mark has to help. The cover is an original painting by Danielle Barlow.

002 owl woman danielle barlow

Vicki wakes to find that Jacob, her archaeologist father, has been killed just as she saw in her dream. She goes home and meets her ex-lover, Merle, and learns Jacob found the famous 4000-year-old gold cup he’d been searching obsessively for all his life. This re-awakened Sylvie’s own grail-obsession. She and Jacob fought and now the cup has disappeared again. Vicki and Merle must retrieve it to restore the village. Their quest is exacerbated by their resumed but still rocky relationship. And by the shadowy Owl Woman, the spirit-of-place, who has her own agenda. Vicki finds herself becoming this spirit …  The cover is an original painting by Danielle Barlow.

GWMS coverGardening with the Moon & Stars is about biodynamic gardening.

I’ve been gardening biodynamically for over 30 years now and noticed that many of the books on it are really hard to read for the ordinary person … so I  wrote this one from the perspective of the ordinary gardener.

Biodynamics really works, it’s easy and cheap and you don’t need to have a head full of weird philosophy :-). Have a read and give it a go.

Books about British native shamanism …

deer trods cover

Following the Deer Trods is a practical handbook for anyone wanting to begin the old British paths and follows on from Elen of the Ways.

It has lots of exercises and suggestions for readers to practice for themselves.

The cover is an original painting by Danielle Barlow

Elen of the Ways Cover

Elen of the Ways is about the Deer Lady of Britain. I grew up with her and this book offers some of my experience along with stories and tales from all over that show us the deer goddess.

There are many stories of my own experiences as well as journeys where Elen showed me how it was to be a part of the reindeer herd.

I spent some time in Scotland where there are sill many ancient stories of the Deer Women. I also journeyed in Deer Caves in the Meadow of Stags at Assynt.

Trees of the Goddess cover

Trees of the Goddess is how I was taught the trees by my family and the elders of the villages where I grew up. It’s roughly about what’s known as the ogham but from a very different perspective to most books.

The ogham is an ancient form of writing in Britain, similar to runes, but it is far more than just a form of script. Each symbol holds the meaning of the tree to which it relates and is able to lead us deeply into tree lore. this is what the elders of the villages where I grew up showed me.

Celtic chakras cover

The Celtic Chakras is about our own British tradition of the energy centres and how we’ve transmitted this knowing through story, riddle and song over millennia.

In Britain we work through stories and riddles. We hint at things and come at them from several directions. Nothing is ever simply black or white. Our stories of Arianrhod (her name means Silver Wheel), Ceridwen lady of the cauldrons, and elen herself with her three caers and the roads she made between them show us how we worked with what the eastern folk call the cahakras.  The energy centres are universal, not just a part of eastern mysticism, it’s time we got to know our own heritage again.

dreamweaver coverDreamweaver is a basic how-to book if you’d like to walk the shaman’s path. It comes out of my own training in our British native heritage and covers the basics – sacred space, journeying, being found by your familiar spirit and finding your teacher. All the way through you have the opportunity to build your own dreamweaver – our way of working with dreams.

What people say about my books …
• Elen once again takes us on a journey on the back of her words
• both deeply traditional and highly innovative – very much this author’s note
• She champions the way of the awenydd, standing for the ever-renewing indigenous seership of Britain
• I was so inspired after reading this book
• [her] innovation is simple yet profound
• she carries you away to the other worlds
• you will have your eyes, heart, soul and energy centres opened and you won’t look back
• well researched and personal, lots of information experienced by the author
• they’re about here-and-now relationship … a new and exciting way
• a wonderful way of communicating the history and essence of our inter-connection with nature and ‘Mother Earth’
• Elen feels as though she had true understanding of our sacred past. Excellent.
• the author is clearly very experienced in the field of Shamanism
• a wise, skilled, exciting writer
• Elen S has her head screwed on and the novel has its heart in the right place too
• Elen Sentier writes with wit and insight
• definitely joins my library of British fantasy writers
• I am looking forward to the next novel
• Ms Sentier, as she is becoming one of my ‘go to’ authors
• I will no doubt be re-reading it [Moon Song] again before long
• gently and friendly approach … makes it accessible, useable and very practical
• true understanding of our sacred past
• takes us on a journey on the back of her words
• a wise, skilled, exciting writer
… words readers use about my writing …
Witty, gentle, friendly, accessible, insightful, exciting, experienced, purposeful, enjoyable, innovative, wise, skilled, exciting, creative, deeply traditional and highly innovative, well researched.
Enjoy, and warm wishes from between the two lights, Elen