Rainbow Warriors

Rainbow Warriors is a 3-year advanced course in the Old Ways of Britain.

You must have done the Apprenticeship before you this, it gets you into good habits, teaches you the basics of our old ways, and so enables you to take on the much deeper and more profound work of the warrior. Becoming and then being, living, awenydd is not easy.

Otherworld is always there, all around us, it’s just that mostly we don’t notice it. On the Apprenticeship, you learned to how to notice, ask, listen and hear otherworld, and began to integrate working with them all the time – walking between worlds. On Rainbow Warriors you hone those skills as well as learning new ones – the And/And process as ever.

Year 1 concentrates on making very deep connections with Mother Earth through biodynamics. Biodynamics is much more than gardening although being able to practice the skills in the garden really does help to ground them for you. it is also the beginning of healing, making whole, enabling whatever you work with to be its true self, its essence. That is what healing is truly about, not curing ills but following the threads those ills make us notice to discover their roots, befriend them, and so make both them wholly who they really are.

Year 2 is about finding your way into and through the labyrinth of the chakras, and finding that system in every part of life. The threads of the chakra system are those os the anima, the spirit self, and they also connect us across the worlds. Knowing them in your bones takes your ability to walk between worlds up several orders of magnitude. It also shows you how the whole universe works.

Year 3 is about connecting yourself very deeply with Otherworld. It involves find your true power, working with your dragon who guards your power both from and for you so you don’t cause too much harm. And you learn how to use that power as a co-worker with Otherworld. It involves some very tough journeys but you have all the kills by then to do them. The final part of the year is learning and doing Bone Singing – you will understand that much better when you get there 😎.

If this excites you, complete your application form for the Apprenticeship and so begin your journey.

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