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I’m a transpersonal psychotherapist as well as awenydd (shaman) and the two disciplines work beautifully together. I do one-to-one work with people here at my home in Herefordshire.

The process takes about 3 hours and the fee is £270.

As well as British native shamanism, the work is related to depth psychology so means we work with and explore both the conscious and the unconscious, the spirit and the personal selves. As well as my lifelong training in the old British ways I include what I’ve found useful from my Jungian and Transpersonal psychology training.

The work may take the form of a gestalt game , daydream-journeying, drumming, using pictures and/or cards, led visualisation, whatever we find between us helps enable you to fathom into your unconscious self. It sounds very simple and in a way it is, but it’s also very profound. It enables the person to find their own way towards a solution.

I live 6 miles outside of Hereford, in the Welsh Marches, there’s a train station with taxis or you can drive here. It’s a lovely, quiet, secluded and magical land, full of gateways between worlds.

Email me at elen.sentier@yahoo.co.uk to begin a discussion.

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