Apprentice Pre-Course w/end

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Please note that because of COVID-19 the arrangements have had to change – see below.

Date: 31 Jul – 2 Aug  2020
Tutors: Me … Elen Sentier … and Fiona Dove, a Rainbow Warriors graduate and my friend and colleague for over twenty years.

This weekend will now be held on Zoom.
Over the weekend you’ll use …
Earth/Sun: connecting with Mother Earth and Father Sun who enable all Life
Noticing: learning to notice everything around you, it’s all speaking to you.
Asking: this really is fundamental to following the deer trods.
Listening & Hearing: the other half of asking 😊

The Zoom workshop begins on Friday evening with a talk and discussion on the basic precepts and practices that underlie the old ways, customs and traditions of following the deer trods. We also give you the first exercise for you to do over the following 22 hours – Friday night and Saturday – so we ask you to take it into your dreams too, asking otherworld to help you find the best way (for you) to do the task. 

On Saturday, after you’ve done the exercise, you do a quick 5-min video (YouTube) about how doing the work changed you, and put it on the group Facebook page by 18.00 on the Saturday, so we can all watch it. We tutors give feedback comments, your colleagues can comment too as you can on theirs. Then at 20.00 we all go on Zoom for further discussion and we give you the next exercise. Again, you ask otherworld to show you how best to do it in your dreams and put up your 5-min video by 18.00 Sunday and we give you feedback. Sunday ends with a Zoom storytelling from either me or Fiona. We look forward to you asking us questions through the weekend, and your colleagues too .

The exercises will involve you going outdoors, asking for and finding things by observation, noticing, listening and hearing. You will also be using the Earth/Sun and the Sit-With techniques to help you with the tasks in the exercises. This is the same work we would give you if you were coming to my home in Shropshire but now you do it in your own surroundings. This year’s apprentices have just done their week-long workshop this way and found it worked a treat, indeed they said it was better than “going on holiday” to come up to me where they would find they could do it but then be afraid they’d fail when they got home again. So it seems otherworld is very happy to work this way 😊.

The weekend gives you a deeper feel into the basics that underpin the Apprenticeship and Rainbow Warrior trainings and will help you get the basics into your bones.





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