Apprentice Pre-Course w/end

Deer Trods wide 1

This weekend gives you the basic precepts and practices that underlie the old ways, customs and traditions of following the deer trods and so underpins  the Apprenticeship and all the subsequent courses. It goes along with your pre-course notes and will help you get the basics into your bones.

Date: 3-5 Jul 2020. Fri-Sun residential weekend. 4pm Friday to 4pm Sunday.  The weekend gives you two nights in the cauldron, to brew, digest and begin to assimilate the work; and there is also space and time  to be alone with yourself … very necessary.

Tutor: Me … Elen Sentier; very likely one of the Rainbow Warrior graduates will be assisting me so you can ask them questions too.

Over the weekend you’ll learn …
Earth/Sun: connecting with Mother Earth and Father Sun who enable all Life
Noticing: learning to notice everything around you, it’s all speaking to you.
Asking: this really is fundamental to following the deer trods.
Listening & Hearing: the other half of asking 😊
In the evenings we drum and I tell a story …

Park Farm House Sep 2019

The venue is my home in the wilds of Shropshire, where all the weekends and the workshop are also held. It’s a magical place between worlds, and we work in my wildlife garden as well as indoors. The views are tremendous; there are walks right from the kitchen door, students quite often get up early and go for a walk before breakfast. Ravens, buzzards, falcons, along with a host of songbirds and small mammals, including the occasional deer, all come round. There are many special places and ancient sites to visit and work at not far away too.

Food: my husband, Paul, cooks paleo & vegetarian/vegan food for you. Breakfast is self-service and includes type-2 organic raw milk, muesli, bread, local jams and spreads, and fruit, tea, coffee and fresh herbs from the garden for tisanes. Lunch is a soup, bread, cheese. Dinner is filling and tasty with fresh fruit available for puddings as well as snacks, and there are ginger biscuits and chocolate cookies to go with your tea! Always bring any extras you’d like to enjoy.

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