Apprenticeship Fees

Apprenticeship Fees

  • APPLICATIONS are now open for the 2019 entry
  • To apply please complete the APPLICATION FORM and send it to me as a Word doc so we can begin a conversation
  • Fees: £1500/year. Cancellations after 1st Sep may be liable for the whole fee: Overseas students pay a little extra to cover PayPal fees
  • Max students 6

The fee covers …

  • the pre-course notes and the pre-course 2-day non-residential workshop at my house in Jul/Aug
  • the 8 Lessons (one for each Celtic season) with my feedback, and your questions
  • 2-3 group meetings at my house – Nov, Jan and the Summer
  • the 5-day workshop including accommodation, food & tuition but not transport to/from Exmoor.

If you need to pay by instalments please tell me as this can be arranged. The usual plan is that students pay a £175 non-returnable deposit as soon as they are accepted on the course and then pay the remainder over 7 monthly payments of £190/month, the first of which must be paid by 1st September. Again, overseas students pay a little extra to cover the PayPal fees on each instalment.

Visits: I arrange visits for students to my home, it really helps if you are able to meet each other in-the-flesh and me :-). I allow 3 separate days for this as part of the course fee. On these visits, you bring food to share for lunch and, weather permitting, we visit and work at a local sacred site.
You are also welcome to arrange extra visits if you wish; you can come individually or with others from your year as you choose. Extra visits cost £75/student.

Facebook: You will be part of a secret Facebook group. This makes it easier for you to chat with each other, discuss questions, post things that you like, and to share your experience. I also post things that will interest, inspire and intrigue you. And I also use he group to arrange the visit above, and any other group announcements. Once you are accepted on the course please “friend” me on Facebook so I can invite you into the group.

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