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Please note that because of COVID-19 the arrangements have had to change – see the relevant pages for details.

A Headsup for 2020/21 …

alchemy transmutation of consciousness

COVID-19 has made so many changes in all our lives, and I’m getting to be proficient at running courses and workshops through Zoom/Messenger Room so I’m intending to offer 3 new courses over the coming year …

  • Alchemy: in 4 parts, over 4 months
  • Ogham Trees of the Goddess: in 5 parts, over 5 months
  • Numerology: in 5 parts over 5 months

I’m putting the courses together now and looking at date so them. They will almost certainly run consecutively so people can do all of them if they wish. All three will lead you deeper into the interconnectedness of everything but each in different ways, and all flow together with my personal life-theme of following the deer trods. The old ways, as I’ve been taught to follow them, are in no way inconsistent with alchemy or numerology, and Trees of the Goddess is most certainly part of the old ways.

I’ve done all the courses before but always in physically live person with the groups, so I’m currently forming and writing up the lessons on different ways so they can work online. Trees and Numerology course will be using my books but going deeper and further.

Each lesson, in all the courses, will have this sort of format …

  • Week 1 – Zoom lesson & Written lesson with homework (a Word doc)
  • Week 2 – Zoom discussion
  • Week 3 – you send in your homework & I send you feedback
  • week 4 –  Zoom discussion about the lesson

If you’re interested please email me or message me here.



I’m most definitely still offering the Apprenticeship and the advanced 3-year Rainbow Warriors course in following the deer trods, as we call the ancient ways of Britain. As things are so uncertain now I’m no longer offering the Imbolc taster weekend but I will be doing Facebook Live about it so you can meet me online and see if the apprenticeship is for you. Keep watching my Facebook page.

The Apprenticeship applications open on 6th Jan close on 31st July each year. If you’re thinking of applying for the Apprenticeship do look for me Live on Facebook and read Elen of the Ways, and others of my books, to get a feel of me and the way I work.

Following the Deer Trods is about Walking Between Worlds as we call the path of the awenydd. It’s an experiential path and will stretch you, expand the envelope in ways that are often difficult and painful … but it is full of joy. It’s a slow path that never stops but continues all your life, and on into future lives too.

Following the Deer Trods – copyright Elen Sentier

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