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I really have to get back to gardening! Last week I was doing the Apprentices workshop, on Zoom, with my friend and colleague Fiona Dove. A new experience, we’ve neither of us ever done that before and were quite nervous it might not work – no need, it went extremely well. the students said it really worked for them, and that doing the exercises, including going out at home, which they did as part of their lockdown exercise time, instead of up here i the Shropshire hills actually helped! Looking back, I can see this, it really brought the reality of otherworld and the interconnectedness of the worlds home to them. They weren’t in a lovely place, climbing picture-book hills, visiting magical waterfalls and fairy valleys, they were at home, in their usual environment, and learned to find, to see consciously, all the magic that surrounds them there.

And boy! Did they find some magic! Fiona and I were delighted and sometimes stunned with the things they found. I can’t share those, what happens on a workshop stays in the workshop, it’s personal stuff and very profound, but it was extremely lovely. They all felt their envelopes had expanded, that they now took in far more reality, and so far more of their connections with Otherworld, than they had at the beginning of the week.

I find it quite stunning and remarkable how things like the apparent catastrophe of COVID-19 and the lockdown can actually bring us all to new paths, new ways of being and working that enlarge our lives. It sounds like a non sequitur doesn’t it, that we can expand and grow larger when confined to our homes and not going out except for an hour a day? On the surface, when we’re not allowed to visit the beauty spots we love, not allowed to meet physically and share with our friends, stuck at home and apparently penned in, it can be hard to see how expanding our consciousness is possible. But this workshop has shown just how possible, relevant and beautiful that expansion can be.

It’s about not having expectations … so we don’t expect Otherworld to conform to our Fairy-cum-Disney idea of how things should be! Wow! that is just so freeing and enabling! We watched it happen in the students last week. True, they’d had 7 months working on the Apprenticeship to begin to get the idea of full of expectancy but without expectations into their bones. They all said the workshop made that very real for them, took them to a new and larger place than they’d lived in before.

And for us, for Fiona and me, too. Neither of us is a technophobe but no way are we expert at all the newfangled apps available for working in groups online, in fact we can be quite dinosaur-ish 😊. Getting the hang of Zoom was a bit of a steep learning curve, fortunately Fiona’s daughter is a super-techno-whiz who does this stuff all day (writes it even!) and was able to show Fiona how to do it, she then led me through the process! That was a fairly hysterical process too LOL.

The current result of all this is that we both feel much more confident about offering courses and workshops this way, using Zoom and maybe the Messenger Room too. so watch this space!

We’ll keep posting, on Facebook and hopefully Instagram (once I get the hang of that !!! LOL) too, about the workshops we’re hoping to run over the coming year. I’m intending to run a 4-part Alchemy workshop, a 5-part Trees of the Goddess w/s, and a 5-part Numerology w/s, online using Zoom/Messenger. And I think (hope 🀞) Fiona will be running her Runes course. Pester herΒ  for it, please 😊.

I’ll let you know more on dates and costs, I hope, in the Midsummer Newsletter that’ll be out 20th June. And on Facebooktoo …

The pic is of the May blossom at the Stone Hole, my favourite walk on our land around here πŸ’–

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