Feel Like I’m Fixing to Die Rag


Seeing Boris’ new slogan this morning took me right back here to Woodstock, Country Joe & The Fish, and the Viet Nam Song …

Get the theme? My we were divinely cynical and realistic back in 1969 …

What happened? What went wrong? How did those kids – and I was one of them – grow up into the Tory or Republican (depending where you live) voting twerps we have now? It’s almost like the kids were carried off by the fairies who left these Right Wing wankers in their place. Boris and all his crew – including all the Keir Starmer fans – don’t give a flying fuck about us, about the people they rule, not any more than Trump does. How did we get here, folks? How did we get here at the arse-end of night?

We’re still in the same Viet Nam game – that was about money and prestige too, now it’s The Economy, a god we dare not fail to bow down to. When are we going to get together and shout, “The Emporer’s got no clothes!”, when will we dare to do that?

And how many of us will be left by that time ???

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