A walk after the rain …

Went for a walk yesterday afternoon through John’s (organic farmer nextdoor) farmyard and down the track – utterly delightful. The rain has made all the greenery spurt on literally overnight, and the scent of wet soil, wet plants and new growth is heavenly.

The walk began out of my front gate,

front gate

and went down past the back of my sheds, through John’s farmyard into the track.

The track is bounded on one side by oaks and sycamores and now the verge is full of flowers after the rain …

And the May is out! But I’m not sure I’m going to cast any clouts yet 😊

May blossom (hawthorn)

I was gifted a used robin’s egg almost as soon as I entered the track! Thrilled to see there are robin chicks somewhere fairly close so at least one of our robin pairs is doing well at the mating game πŸ’•. the parent birds will take the used eggshells and scatter them away from the nest to put predators off where the chicks really are. Isn’t that colour absolutely magical?

John’s cows are out in the field behind the hedge, they heard me coming along and I said ‘Hi guys’ to them so they all started across the field to see what I was up to. They’re only youngsters, very curious and quite frisky. With my crippledness from the arthritis and osteoporosis I don’t go in amongst them as I’m too slow and clumsy to get out of their way, but I like to talk to them through the hedge.

On the way back I went round the garden – all looking very good and the grass seed I sowed a month ago has taken off, grown 2 inches overnight! I’ll be able to gently mow there next week, that’ll bring the grass on as pruning does with most plants. I’ve got some lovely stuff in the garden …

That geranium is one of my favourites, so exquisitely delicate, and selfheal is a lovely herb, it’s really taken to the rocky almost soilless bits under the 2 willows. And the toadflax is a real picture clothing the lovely stone walls. It’s such a treat to live here 😎


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