After a week off …

Well it hasn’t been a week off from actual gardening work but a week off from blogging. Last week I was on an internet workshop on how to write  “query letter” to tempt a literary agent to take you on. yes, I’ve got a very good publisher for my non-fiction books but I need an agent who really knows her/his way around the fantasy fiction world markets for my novel. Novel #3 actually, while I still enjoy the first 2 it’s well time I got real about writing a fiction best seller. The w/s was excellent, I learned so much and am now writing the WIP (work in progress) like fury … and it’s working!

I was still gardening though, doing the exercises in my head while I got on with clearing the Prairie Bed. I’m about halfway through now and just in time for the rain – and we dearly need that! The poor ground is parched. The weeding has opened up the panned and caked soil so the rain will be able to get in properly. And nextdoor’s hens are loving all the juicy tough weeds!

You see how horribly dry the poor soil is!

veg bed apr 20

And the veg garden is doing well, most of the seeds are up, some raring off like crazy. I do have one small issue though … Mr Mole! He’s decided to have his runs along 2 of the bed edges and one goes out under a raspberry cane and then under one of the new Queen Elizabeth roses I put in! Damn! Blast! Bother! I keep stamping his larders down and sticking the hosepie down his runs … not sure I’m doing any good though 😒. You can see where he’s been down near the compost bins … actually in the spud row !!!

I’ve not been able to get to the second veg bed either, and I’m going to need it very soon for more seeds, succession sowing, and a place for the broad beans who are coming on nicely.

courgette box0.jpg

I’ve got the courgette box up, and the courgettes in. It’s SE facing and gets sun all day and they’re up to their ears in muck so they should go like the clappers – courgette flapjacks anyone? 😎

tank bed1.jpg

I’ve also cleaned up the Tank Bed, by the old water tank I turned into ap pond last autumn, by the new steps. I’ve put 50 freesia corms in there, sweet william and wallflower seeds. And put wallflower and sweet william seeds in the 2 stone troughs too. The calendula seeds I sowed in them earlier are coming up so the troughs should be lovely to look at as you come out the kitchen door.


The rose garden is cracking along, the roses look amazing, beautifully leafed up and lots of new shoots. It will be heaven when they all flower.

rose garden1.jpg

And I’ve been paddling! In the July weather we’ve been having it was reallpleasantat to get my feet in the pond. I’ve managed to get some medium-sized stones in to make reefs and bathing pools for the birds, and places for the plants. World of water sent the plants last week so absolutely had to get going on it before they died! there are now 3 small pink lilies, some rushes and lots of oxygenating plants in ther, and the lily leaves are already coming up to the surface! I need to get some pebbles for the bottom so I can anchor some of the oxygenating plants,. They’ll grow like a sort of grassy carpet on the bottom, great of wee critters to lay their eggs and for their larvae to feed in. come on newts, beetles, frogs, toads, dragon and damsel flies, get in there and do your stuff 💕.

pond + chairs1.jpg

We have a helluva lot of work to do with all that stone, building the waterfall! but that’s for later, right now I need rain and getting as much muck into the soil as possible.

That’s it for now. Enjoy the gallery. I’m off to write more novel (it’s called Timeslip, about a bloke who meets his twin from the 6th century 😎) and do some more gardening … see  you again soon.

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