Planting-up … phase 1 (of many!)

IMG_20191103_101923_109I took the day off from gardening on Saturday, worth it as I felt much better – my get-up-and-go had got-up-and-went LOL. We’re all still well here at Bryngwyn, and the self-isolation is going well. As we chose to live in the middle of nowhere, a 1/4 mile up a farm track with grass growing down the middle, in the middle of an organic beef farm and with only one neighbour, a lovely woman of my age who’s also a passionate gardener and country-woman, we’re not in the least bit bored. But I can imagine it’s hell for people living in cities, and especially if you’re in a flat or a tower block or some such! If you have children as well … ye gods, I feel for you.

However, here at Bryngwyn, yesterday, Sunday, was a massive planting time. I’d ordered quite a lot of plants back in the depths of winter and they arrived on Saturday, 2 big boxes! They came with the customary “free gift” and fortunately, this time, I was able to choose what gift I’d like – previously I’ve been dumped with a load of begonias or geraniums (not the hardy sort), neither of which are at all my scene. This year I chose 8 extra lavender Munstead and 4 packs f oriental lilies; the lilies aren’t my scene either but my neighbour down the lane grows them very well so it was a prezzie for her. I took them down and we had a good chat – from 6ft apart, and no touching. It was good for both of us to see each other and discover we were both fit and doing OK.

Then it was strap on the back brace and into the planting. With 3 broken bones in my spine, osteoporosis in all my bones and rheumatoid arthritis in all my joints, I don’t function without support. With it, I can work for half an hour, sit down then back up again, and the exercise is good for the osteoporosis. I take painkillers and use Piroxicam on the joints as they do ache a lot after doing some gardening, but the joy of doing it is immense and really vital for my mental health.


So, I unpacked the boxes properly and sorted things out. It was mildly stunning to realise I’d ordered 38 lavender plug plants! I do adore the stuff and it works so well with roses as well as being an excellent medicinal herb, and lavender lemonade is fantastic and so easy to make. Will do a lot of that come flowering time. and the bees adore it. And I’m looking forward to this sort of effect come Midsummer. This pink rose is David Austin’s Harlow Carr, a big shrubby job that repeats well. I’ve got some …

Lavender munstead with Harlow Carr.jpg

The plug plants are very wee but they all went in well and are looking fine this morning. After a very wet winter, we’re now having a very dry spring *rolls eyes*, that doesn’t really help with transplanting. The old adage “April Showers” really was the bee’s knees, but the climate change we’ve created has changed all that so we gardeners as well as the plants are learning to adapt and go with what Mother Nature dishes out.

aquliegia blue star.jpg

All the lavender went in and so did the other plugs I’d got. There were 6 Aquilegia “Blue Star – a real stunner that gone into one of the big troughs in the front yard to join with the hardy geraniums and epimediums that came from Archenland last year. I’ve also sown a load of calendula seeds in both the troughs, again so good for bees and a grand medicinal herb, and I love the flowers in salads too.

I got a load of lilies of the valley for the shaded Wollery. Absolutely nothing to show you on these, they came as 2 birds’ nests of roots with lovely, healthy bud-spikes and are now buried happily in the soil up there, plus a few wanted to be in the shaded bit under the buddleia in the Hot Garden. I did stare a bit when they said they wanted to go there, they’re a plant for shady woodland areas, but I did as I was told and am now waiting to see how they get on. I put some dark heuchera up by the front gate there too, with the forget-me-nots, they’re under the south hedge there so won’t get too much sun, the rest of the heuchera went in the troughs.

Lavender Munstead with bees.jpg

I’ve still got a load of stuff to plant, including 3 big jobs. The roses for the Veg Garden hedges are sat in buckets and may happen today; there’s 20 pink rosa Rugosa to go in the North Hedge along with 15 berberis (the lovely purple one) … but that won’t happen till tomorrow and may well take 2 days!

Watch this space … LOL








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