Veg Gardening …

I dare say this will be an ongoing saga but at last I’ve made a beginning. Once I’d got the Hot Garden cleared and began planting it up the urge to get on with the veg beds became overwhelming! Resistance was futile … I gave in and began.

It was in a state. When we moved here in August 2019, I used it has the holding place for all the plants I brought with me from Archenland – there was a lot … a lot! About 60-70% went into the main garden last Autumn but there’s still a mass that need transplanting as I get their forever-homes ready for them. But enough had gone that I’d got space to begin the veg beds … but that was now full of weeds have been left fallow over the winter.

Stromboli rose hedge veg garden.jpg

The left-hand pic shows the 2 main beds, the farther one still has a lot of plants that are to go up into the main garden; the right-hand pic shows the bed I’ve been working on with the north hedge behind. The nearest end is the strawberry bed and the north hedge will have the raspberry canes in it with a lovely backdrop of Stromboli roses. They will be a good windbreak as well as a visual delight, and provide lots of nectar for the pollinating insects I need to come do my veggies.

Digging out weeds from veg beds is hard work but absolutely nothing to clearing all the rubble out of the Hot Garden! At the moment, until I move them, I can’t do all the way down to the compost bins as there’s Archenland plants waiting for their forever-homes but I intend to get on with transplanting them next week. Then there’s the other veg bed to do as I’ve got yet more seeds all looking forward to getting down and dirty in the good soil. I’m growing …

  • Carrots Rainbow Mix
  • Broad Beans Super Aquadulce
  • Peas Kelvedon Wonder
  • Dwarf French Bean Speedy
  • Perpetual Spinach
  • Courgettes Italian Striped
  • And loads of Salad – mostly cut-n-come-again
  • And Wild Rocket – I adore that stuff!

I just don’t eat roots or onions, the carrots are a concession as they’re so very tasty!

I began it on the afternoon I finished the first stage of the Hot Garden, Thursday 26th Mar, and last night (Fri 27th) my final act was to plant my first row of carrots in the cleared bed – I was thrilled to pieces!


The little white plant-labels mark the spot!

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