The Hot Garden

Some like it hot, so the Lady said … and my husband is one of those. In garden terms, that is! He loves warm-to-hot weather and being able to sit out in it.

Our front door faces due south and the area around it is ideal as a warm sitting-spot. When we arrived here in August 2019 the area to the left of the front path was a builders rubble heap, a ghastly mess of huge stones, bits of wall often covered with bitumen, and mostly covered with weeds and nettles. there was a big sage bush in there and some nice mint both fighting their way into existence through the morass. Not a pretty sight!


And you can see a bit of the ground to the right of the front path – not much fun either!

When we just came to view I had ideas about this bit of the garden – as indeed I did with all of it, it was like a firework display of images in my head that day! At last, this spring, I’ve been able to put them in practice.


In February the nice man who helped so much with the gardening last autumn came and moved all the big stones. There were some lovely ones, all covered in moss, that will do beautifully for the waterfall …  when I can get someone to build it for me with all the coronavirus restrictions. I’m not at all sure I can shift blocks like that, let alone stack ’em and cement ’em together !!!


But back to the Hot Garden … I set to work on clearing it of the builders’ rubble on the Equinox, just a week ago. Progress was low but steady, I can’t do anything fast but I do know how to do things in the garden so I’m a bit like the tortoise in the old Aesop’s Fable, and I do win the race LOL. I got stuck in … and cleared the bottom half fairly quickly, like in a day, and then I found myself with this lot! It got worse …

It turned out I was removing a brick shed the previous tenant had knocked down! the lazy woman hadn’t bothered to clear her mess but just dumped it on what I learned last week from my neighbour had been a rose and herb garden! Ye gods! I also learned it had been a good, dry, shed used for coal and wood storage before this woman knocked it down. Damn her! I could have put my wood in there.

Anyways … it’s cleared now. the poor sage bush had wrapped its roots round that huge stone (plus mare smaller ones) so I had to take it completely to pieces to get the stones out . It did give me a couple of extra rooted bits in the dismantling and they’re all now planted it by the wall in good soil. I Hope they make it OK.


Lady of the Lake.jpg

So far, I’ve added in 3 lovely repeat-rambler roses to grow up the wall and along the forsythia hedge next to the gate. Yes … I did say repeat ramblers! David Austin has managed to breed them, they’re pink and scented but quite small for ramblers, only making about 3m along and up so will do nicely there. She’s called Lady of the Lake. I found some feverfew and borage, and there’s some lavender to go in, and I hope to have curry plant, wormwood, oregano, marjoram, thyme, rosemary and chamomile. It’ll be haven-scented!

I discovered on of the original roses had survived too, it’s coming along fine so I’m looking forward to seeing what colour it is and if it’s scented …

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