Confession Time

0 - Caradoc
Caer Caradoc – view from my front door

A beautiful piece from a friend of mine who lives about 20 miles from me. I share her feeling and views; 20 years ago I chose to move from London, first to a remote farm in Herefordshire and last year up here to Shropshire where I have the sight of The Caradoc from my living room window and front garden. I wouldn’t be anywhere else for all the worlds …


I’ve got a confession to make. It feels a bit like a guilty secret but I’m going to confess that in this time of fear and lock down, I’m actually feeling more relaxed, content and at peace than I have been in a long time. Is that a shock ? I know people are facing hardships and health fears so I don’t say this lightly, and of course I don’t want people to be suffering through a frightening illness but I just feel so very lucky to live in such a beautiful place where I can easily walk out into nature every day and have been given more time to do this. I know that this is not the case for everyone and if I was stuck in a city or without a garden, or alone and vulnerable, I might feel very differently.

Instead though, at the moment, I am…

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