Fukushima & Chernobyl

where humans are absent, wildlife thrive …


It’s a scary thing to realise that human beings are far, far worse for wildlife than nuclear radiation but both Chernobyland now Fukushimaare proving this. This something we need to understand and take into our whole belief-systems. These areas that we call “total disaster areas and exclusion zones” are now thriving … because we humans have left them and so no longer cause the devastation that most civilised human populations create.

“That’s not to say that radiation hasn’t done damage – it has. Many birds and mammals in the most contaminated areas have cataracts in their eyes, smaller brains, tumors, deformed sperm, and other abnormalities. This is a direct result of ionizing radiation scrambling their DNA. Farther away, where contamination is only ten times natural levels, these deleterious effects are less pronounced.

Yet despite these handicaps, animals of all shapes and sizes are maintaining viable, growing populations. Threatened animals like the European bison and Przewalski’s horse have found a safe haven in the exclusion zone. Birds even nest near the decrepit nuclear plant.”

But we seriously need to take on board that we, in our massive population explosion and our idiotic economic system, are the worst thing for the rest of creation on Planet Earth. Without us, as Chernobyl shows, wildlife is able to find its own way to come back to life.

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