Log Beehive

Log hive MichielVerspuijBoomtreeBees

With the help of my neighbour (she’s really, really good at making things!) I’m going to have a log beehive this spring. The farmer the other side has a load of potential logs we can use and Ju has all the kit we need. Another friend, Liz, who’s been keeping bees for ages has told me where the best sites in my garden are – there are two – so we’re off looking for logs.


Naturally, in the wild, bees often use holes in trees to build their nests … hives. It can be the same sort of hole owls will use. Log hives are so natural for bees. Of course, it’s much more difficult to take their honey from a log hive – that’s why modern hives are designed the way they are. Most honey farms use these sort because they’re easy to work with … for humans. They’re nothing like so good for bees! But you can make a log hive with which you can also share the honey the bees make. I don’t intend to do this, the honey in the log hive will be for the bees, not for me, but I will get enormous pleasure from watching the bees, and learning from them.

And I’ll be able to sit-with the bees, tell them about life here at Bryngwyn, my plans, my fears, my hopes … and listen to, and hear, their advice.

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