Walking Bury Ditches

Bury Dtiches Clun.jpg

As you can see, Bury Ditches works with 3 circles and this immediately takes me to the 3 worlds – lower, middle and upper – and all they bring to us.
I also tend to walk the ditches in that way; first the outer ring that, for me is a connection with the lowerworld and the ancestors; second the middle ring that holds our world for me, middleworld with all the connections there; lastly I walk the top ring, the circle round the central area.
I walk each ring in both directions, beginning widdershins (anti-clock) to take myself down into the Earth to connect with the Mother, then deosil (sunwise) to reach up from the heart of the Mother to connect to the heart of the Father. Each direction gifts to me, and I gift back to them as I walk. Earth gifts are different to Sun gifts; how they appear to you will be different than to me but the basic difference seems to be like the first two tao de ching symbols …
Iching-hexagram-02.svg.png  Iching-hexagram-01.svg.pngI’ve put them in reverse order to the Tao as, with us, the feminine always leads the masculine. The 6 broken lines are #2, Field, Cauldron, the 6 unbroken lines are #1, Force, Spear. I also like that together they give you Force-Field … very particle physics, as well as sci-fi stuff 😊

8 trigrams Tao.gifThis picture of the original 8 trigrams is so very like our own Wheel of the Seasons. The Heaven trigram is doubled to make the 1st hexagram, Force. The Earth trigram is doubled to make the 2nd hexagram, Field. 

The 3 broken lines are like the Cauldron, the 3 unbroken lines are like our Spear; feminine and masculine, the two that create the third. It’s everywhere. The Tao has so many similarities with our old ways, indeed with the old ways of every people all over the Earth. Of course it does! They all know and reach into the Earth herself and her dance with the Sun … that is what gives us Life.

So … back to Bury Ditches.
As I walk each circle, I’m doing the Earth/Sun with each of them, tuning myself to the 3 threads – the 3 worlds – that make our reality. I ask as I begin each circle what Mother and then Father need of me right now, then I listen and notice everything around me as I walk. Sometimes I stop, take a photo with my phone or make a voice-note; I certainly don’t expect to remember everything I’m shown or realise I need to do so I use things to remind me 😊. There’s no bad technology … only bad use of technology, and that’s all down to us! We can’t shrug off the blame onto the thing, that’s ducking our responsibility.
My gift back to Bury Ditches is just that, to ask … and then to listen and notice.
That is what otherworld, and the whole cosmos, want and need of us, to ask, listen and notice.
Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? But you know yourself just how hard that is to do.
Walking Bury Ditches is, for me, a reminder to ask, listen and notice … and not just when I’m there but every moment of every day, whatever I’m doing. It’s humans who create and live by separation, the rest of the universe doesn’t, it all knows it’s all part of the same whole. It’s that AND/AND universe again … it is itself AND it’s a part of the whole. Physics does that rather neatly with the absolute fact that light is BOTH waves and particles at the same time!
How can we call ourselves Light Beings if we don’t do our best to follow Light’s example?

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