Winter Afternoon …

I took a walk around the garden here at Bryngwyn this late afternoon. The sun had gone down but the sky was still light and bright as it often is on cold winter evenings near Midwinter.  It’s not too perishing cold here yet but it will be, come the new year, then we’re promised snow and freezing, and more snow in February. That will be a change for me, down in Herefordshire we rarely had snow, and some years we didn’t get a frost! I woke to a hard frost up here this morning. The ground shimmered silver, sparkling, fairyland.

The garden sleeps. It’s digesting the hundreds of bulbs I planted yesterday. Very late for planting bulbs, I know! But if I leave them out the poor things will die, since I made the effort to buy them it behoves me to plant them, so I did. It was really relatively easy, although my back was killing me by the end – I finished and went to stand under the hot shower for 20 minutes after taking a couple of painkillers! Having rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and 3 crush-fractures in my spine doesn’t make for an easy life, I have to wire myself to do jobs like this but the result next spring should be gorgeous. Will take more pix then so you can see.

I sowed grass seed everywhere last october and it’s all germinated. I’m thrilled. I was really worried I might be too late but my neighbour – organic beef farmer – said I should be all right. He was right!

All the plants I brought from Archenland are doing really well too. 2/3rds are now in their home places around the garden, the final third must now wait til spring. No way am I digging up happy, healthy plants who have their roots well established for the winter in this weather. I should be able – looking at past weather forecasts – be able to start moving them by March, and that should give them time to set their roots to get water and food before high summer.

And little beasties, bugs, and critters who will help me in the garden will be hunkered down in the dead and dying foliage, and the roots. I’m not going to be so cruel (or stupid!) as to disturb them now either. And I’ve left a pile of compost out of the bins for nesting creepie-crawlies too, they’ll help keep a natural balance in the garden next year as well. It’s quite magical to work-with the natural world …

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