Norman Invasion

Do read this, it’s very informative and may well change your ideas of the history you were taught in school.

Norman Conquest

The perceived wisdom, history and some archaeology gets us to think the Norman Conquest was the best thing for this country since sliced catfood. People proudly trace their family lineage back to the Normans, and many families are called aristocrats, well-born, noble, upper class, and distinguished. In fact, they’re mostly a gang of thugs still, wanting to keep the power they’ve got, and the money, and the control of what they call “the lower classes” … that means us!

They actually come from a group of vikings who were run out of Denmark, made complete nuisances of themselves to the French king and were given the province now called Normandy to shut them up! They then fiddled the crown off our Anglo Saxon king, invaded us and only just managed to beat us. They did our elected – yes we used to elect our kings here in Britain before the Normans – out of his throne and his life. And here we are, 1000 years later, still suffering under their selfish and stupid rule.

Nice chaps, what?

Where I live now, in Shropshire, is the home of one of the Anglo Saxons who did a whole lot of resisting until he couldn’t manage any more. He’s known and Wild Edric and his stories are marvellous. He did his damnedest but there were just too many damned Normans … we still have that problem now !!!



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  1. I’ve seen it suggested that our preposterously unfair distribution of land ownership can be traced back to these thieving bastards as well as our patriarchal feudal legacy.


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