Buzzards Courting

I just took a walk down the lane and back through the fields. As I set off, our resident pair of Buzzards flew over very low, calling to each other, then he threw a piece of food to her and she caught it! They’re courting already and it’s only the 1st of December! I’m really surprised, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them courting this early. Changes in temperature due to climate change is the likely reason and this is not good. As the Shropshire Wildlife Trust magazine said in their latest issue, everything is happening earlier and earlier.

pair of buzzards
Photo thanks to Woodland Trust

Our buzzards are hawks, Buteo buteo, unlike the vultures Americans call buzzards, and they’re one of our native birds of prey. Their call is distinctive and their fingered-wings hard to mistake as they fly. I love having a pair live near me, we did at Archenland and we do again here at Bryngwyn. I hope they’re able to nest successfully again in the coming year.

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