Setting Sun at Mitchell’s Fold

Julie Sunsetting at Mitchell's Fold

One of my recent graduates, Julie Wood, took this picture when she went to Mitchell’s Fold stone circle above The Marsh here in Shropshire. It’s an amazing place and, like many circles, its stones vibrate around the hour of sunset and sunrise.

Our ancient ancestors knew a thing or two to be able to put up these wonderful stone constructions to pick up and tune in with the change in electromagnetism that occurs at this time. Way back in the 1970s I and my partner Paul were part of the Dragon Project, working with Dr Don Robbins on this stuff, an incredible experience! Julie sensed the energy while she was there. I ask the circle to help my apprentice students when they come on the workshop each year and it always does. I’m rather hoping I’ll be able to experience Midwinter there this year … watch this space!

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