Bryngwyn Garden Latest …

Planting has begun!


The Prairie Bed has got all the Stipa tenuissima in now, a few Verbena bonariensis and some Rozanne geraniums. and one rose who insisted on coming – I was going to wait all the roses til November. This is by no means all that’s going in this bed but it’s a good start and really makes me feel I’m getting somewhere. It was good last week, getting the front yard hedge down and the Snow Queen silver birch in along with the grasses, but getting started on the much bigger back garden is grand.


Snow Queen and the grasses look happy, and the rest of what will be the Rose Garden is really able to breathe now. I’ve seeded all the old pebble are with grass now. I’ve got some lovely spring bulbs to add in amongst the grasses along with some more geraniums.

I’ve got a load of perennial wildflower seeds coming from Suttons – any minute now! Been checking the weather forecast and I think I’ll be OK to get them all sown before the frosts set in. It’s very different being 500ft up and a degree of latitude further north, makes a lot of difference to all gardening and especially later germination times. Wildflower seeds naturally fall through the late summer autumn but mid-Oct is seriously stretching things! I’ve got a request in with Otherworld to enable them to germinate, so they can get their roots going over the winter and do really well next spring and summer. I’m trying to follow how nature does it, with the seasons, so the seeds have the best chance possible.

Next month, Guy (my gardener) will be laying the stone paths for the Wheel of the Seasons, it’ll look very roughly like this …

Celtic Seasons

Midwinter side is my North hedge, Samhain is the Pond, Autumn is the West hedge and wildflower bed, Lammas is the Cave  and the Wollery (!), Midsummer is my South hedge, Beltane is the Moon Gate, Spring is the East wall of the house and the Prairie Bed, Imbolc wll be a Rowan tree arch … and here we are back at the North hedge again!

The lines on the diagram will be stepping stone paths that Guy will set in the grass, with a larger central stone (or set of stones) at the centre, but there’ll be no outer circle marker. And the whole will be our dancing lawn. I can see the students enjoying it and making up their own dances there when they come to work here.

For a rough idea of how the Prairie bed will look here is how I did it at Archenland.


I’m off planting again over the next few days so I’ll do pix and video when I top for a cuppa …

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