Olly Gone …

On 29 June 2019 Olly left us to play in the Summerlands.

She’d been with me for sixteen and a half years, a wonderful time and a wonderful friendship and companionship. There is an Olly-shaped hole in my life, but it was her time and she chose to leave; I would never stand in her way just because it hurts me like hell. To invite animals into your life is to know that almost certainly they will predecease you. It’s important to know this in your bones and allow it; animals know far better than we humans when it is time to move on.

I helped her leave and she went so gently and peacefully …

In a couple of days we shall build her pyre and help her body – her spacesuit for getting around on Planet Earth – to transmute back into its component atoms so that other beings who wish to incarnate here may use them. I’ll put pix, and maybe video, up of our Fire Ceremony for her.

In the meantime here’s some pix of Olly throughout her life …

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