Weekend Catch-up

Silkie hens are just soooo beautiful !!!


Just for fun, I thought I’d give you all a treat to what Fiona will be playing with in the not-too-distant! Maybe me too, next time I go up there …

cock and hen Silkies_lead.jpg

Now have a read of the rest of Fiona’s latest post from Cairnorchies …

Cairnorchies Chronicles

The docks are getting ahead of me so I’ve ordered a strimmer – I’m very familiar with petrol-driven strimmers but this time I’ve risked an electric one. That doesn’t mean a tiny one on a length of cable from the house – this is a reasonably meaty -sounding lithium-ion battery that gives up to about 50 minutes of high-intensity brushcutting and allegedly recharges in 3 hours. To be fair, 50 minutes is about as much strimming or brushcutting as I want to do in a stretch anyway and taking a few hours off before doing another stint sounds fine! It’ll allow me to keep the edges of the fields trimmed down so nothing fouls the fences, and it should also mince docks and nettles briskly for efficient, quick composting.

It’s raining today so the horses are in the barns, devouring hay like it’s going out of fashion. I put out…

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