Jabs and Trespassers!


fox with egg in mouth 1.jpg

Grand tales of horses, vets and foxes 🙂


Cairnorchies Chronicles

My vet does a slightly-cheaper call out fee if you accept that they’ll give you ten minutes’ notice of arrival on a Thursday, so I went hurtling out this morning to get the horses in when I was informed Randall the vet was on the way (he’s a nice Irish bloke who’s good with ferrets – always worth hanging onto any vet who’s good with ferrets!). All four horses were flat out in the sunshine! Luckily I’d taken a small bucket of nuggets out with me, because when I rattled it Poppy got up to come in. That meant Dancer got up to follow Mum, and I put the bucket down five yards inside the walkway and went back to shut the gate almost in George’s indignant face!

The girls followed the bucket into the yard readily, and I shut the yard gate behind them, then applied head collars. They…

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