Slowly catching up

Dancer nibbling.jpegThe most beautiful horses in the universe! And two lovely dogs … who have “acquired” me LOL

Cairnorchies Chronicles

This morning all the beasties were fed, walked, spoken with, watered and generally brought thoroughly up to date again. Wicket was told off severely for chasing Lucy Goose, but no damage was done except to Lucy’s dignity and she seems to have stopped laying now anyway, so fingers crossed Wicket remembers not to chase them again! Being a whippet, her memory on ‘don’t chase that!’ is decidedly deficient.

The horses came in this afternoon for their feed very smartly – they were grazing fairly close when I called each by name, and each head popped up eagerly in response to the appropriate name, which was excellent, then George led the head in at a fine spanking trot! I steered them all into the barns – George and Abe to my left into the horse barn to eat, while Poppy and Dancer went to the right to the stable shed –…

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