A Broody Goose?

Broody goose.jpegFiona’s geese … there may be goslings this year, watch this space 🙂

Cairnorchies Chronicles

Lucy’s not quite broody yet but she refused to get off her nest last night – which she’s been allowed to build around the front of the house in my absence. She did get off it today and there were four eggs in it, but she and Hannibal have no intention of shifting back tothe shed, so I’ll have to think of a way to goose-proof a bit of their run properly for them – during the day I rely on having dogs and humans around to deter foxes, but at night they might well be bold enough to come calling, even when the nest’s almost under my bedroom window!


Lucy hiding behind a dock leaf in her chosen nesting spot!

I’m still making progress on catching up on the work at the croft – all water buckets and bottles were scrubbed today, the ferrets have been cleaned out and…

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