Oak Trow Wood

Ardnamurchan temperate-rainforest

You remember I said about tolls the other day? Well, after a grand day at the beach culminating in Beltane tea + Nettle Cake with a couple of local friends, we were called back to the oak woods today. It’s been gorgeous weather all day, just a bit of wind getting up now as the sun’s heading west, and the oak woods were full of the scent of flowers. They do violets and bluebells and primroses in spades! The wild cherry trees are flowering too. In fact it’s one of the most lovely woods I’ve been in for a long time.

alphabet_trail troll woodsAnd it does trolls … lots of trolls … I like trolls (the magical variety no the Facebook ones!) and get on with them very well. A couple of years back it was beansidhes who were everywhere, talking and playing with us and giving us things sn advice, this year it’s trolls. Where I come from, down on Exmoor, we have a lot of Oak Trow Woods – trow is an old word for troll – so I got to know them well as a kiddie with Dad and uncles. The christianisation and later Victorianisation and of our old stories has made them horrible big scary monsters but they’re not, or at least they don’t have to be. As ever in the old ways, you generally meet Mrs-Be-Done-By-As-You-Did (to quote Charles Kingsley of victorian fame!) so it’s well worth while behaving as Mrs-do-As-You-Would-Be-Done-By. If you’re respectful, without grovelling, to otherworld you’ll do well.

Troll 0We found this troll on our first visit to the wood and he told us to come back so, today, we did. Both Fiona and me have big projects going on right now that are work for otherworld and we need all the help we can get so, if a troll is offering we’re going to leap at the chance. Today, we each had to work with him, with offerings, and were set challenges as we walked through the wood. Mine were very much about trust, about doing the crazy thing, stepping right outside the box … and I managed it each time. The most scary was having to get down three near-vertical walls of metamorphic rock, I managed the first and last on my feet but the middle one (and tallest one) I did on my backside … interesting!

And troll gave me a gift – I can’t talk much about it yet, it has to be gestated and grown within me, but I know it’s there and can feel it growing. It’s a triple thing, three projects coming together out of promising to do what otherworld needs. That’s often scary for humans, we don’t have the knack of letting go control easily, or of getting the hell out of our heads! But when you do, the results are amazing and awesome … I am fairly well practiced at it after all these years! But this one’s new again … and bigger. I’ve wanted these projects to come to fruition for thirty years and now it seems they may. and Troll says they will if I work well … watch this space 😊

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