A Hitchcock Morning …

We got up. Made the first morning cuppa. Sat down to look at the loch, watch the wildlife, check email, post vid to YouTube, etc blah! The martens had cleaned and polished the bird feeders in front of the window, clean as a whistle. A robin came down, hunted every crevice in the wood – nowt to eat. A blackbird had a go and gave up in disgust. The first bluetit arrived, hunted up and down the log, stood glaring at the window. A second arrived, checked the complete absence of food on the feeder, stood glaring beside the first. A third came down, did the food check, failed to find any.

Bluetit #1 flew fiercely at the window. I ducked. Bluetit #2 joined in. Fiona ducked. Bluetit #3 did a Stuka straight at the glass, stopped in time. We both ducked.

All three bluetits stood in a line on the feeder. Glaring down their beaks!

battle of the tits

‘Fuck me!’ I exclaimed. ‘This is scary!’

‘Shit!’ Fiona agreed. ‘Who needs rooks!’

We were both remembering the Hitchcock movie.

The ferocious tit trio flew troika at us again … all in a line. Again, they stopped just in time before hitting the glass and went back to sit glaring at us.

Fiona gulped down her tea, I patted her on the back as she choked. we stuffed our feet in boots and leaped into the car, driving at breakneck speed down the single track (with passing spaces) road to the Salen Jetty Shop in the Ardnamurchan rush hour. That latter means we met three oil tanker lorries, four landrovers, five people delivering kids to school and the postie. Fiona skidded the Kuga in a handbrake turn into the parking slot on the jetty and we panted into the shop. Paul and Anita stared at us, open mouthed.

‘We’re having a Hitchcock morning,’ I said, dramatically, eyes staring somewhat.

The bloke from Coastal Connection, who was in to grab a takeaway coffee, began to giggle. we discussed the propensities of Sassenachs to panic when presented with Highland wildlife. We grabbed a quick latte to steady our nerves and headed back to the cottage.

Peanut feeder, suet ball feeder and all the bird feeders now stocked up. The deer have come to investigate. The robins have given us grudging thanks. the bluetits just leaped on board and stuffed their beaks. we are now relaxing with binoculars and cameras … and a welcome cuppa!hitchcock the birds.jpg


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