Moon Song review

Thank you June Kent of Indieshaman for this review …

Moon Song

Moon Song

Author Elen Sentier, a natural storyteller and British shaman, weaves an enchanting contemporary tale of myth and magick with a strong thread of shamanic wisdom and a skill reminiscent of Charles de Lint. Based on the legend of Tristan and Isoldé, Moon Song is this genre at its finest and will keep you captivated throughout.

Isoldé comes from Belfast and leaves Falls Road to become a journalist in London, later getting an offer to move down to the West Country. Tristan, who works with the Faer folk around his home in Cornwall before his untimely death, is mentor to Mark (King). Isoldé meets Mark … then Tristan …. and I don’t want to ruin your enjoyment with a spoiler so will leave it there. Apart from to say Moon Song is much more than a reworking of an old story but weaves a new mythology of relationships across the dimensions, walking between the worlds and working with the spirits of the land.

Outstanding – highly recommended reading.

Moon Song was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine

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