A beautiful poem by Kathryn Byrd … and all the pictures are by Kathryn too 🙂

Fester Frog had left his swamp
That was dying and so ill
He walked to the Bakers House
On top of Highcleare Hill

“Please help” Fester Frog did cry
For I am full of woe
Mankind has polluted my dear home
And I must find a way to heal it so

The Baker“Do not fret” the Baker said
For I have just the ticket
A recipe so pure and strong
To counteract all that’s wicked

For it is a magic cake of eight
Not many know its secret
It holds the key between its layers
For those who choose to eat it

To save my swamp Fester said
And all that I hold dear
I will buy your magic cake
If it can make the illness disappear

“This recipe I will relate”
The Baker cried with glee
To you and all mankind
I will give my knowledge happily

A recipe so old as time
In every pure bred heart
A recipe we all should make
A sum of all 8 parts

In to a great pot he added
Ingredients clear and true
One part Earth one part Air
And a jug of Water blue

And then with a great wooden spoon
To the North and East he cast
And then to South and to the West
Until the pot was full at last

And then the Baker’s spoon stirred round
And then the other way
This will add the energy
That will help you save the day

Then quick as a flash the dough
He did toss into the fire
Dancing round the oven
He shouted “we will save your
swamp from the mire”

The baker threw the cake so high
It broke into pieces 8
And then as they tumbled down to Earth
A perfect star they did make

Swirling StarThe star twirled round this way and that
And eventually it fell
The baker cried in delight
That concludes my magic spell

Do you understand? The Baker asked
The magic of the 8
The harmony of all the bits
Make the special cake

At the centre lies the prize
The secret of black and white
Where good is bad, sad is happy
And where all can be bought back to life

You need to use its power
For the earth and beings like you and Me
A balance it will make
To create more harmony

Your swamp will breathe once more
When the star touches the water
And you will see all connected
Just like those who came before you

Now here’s the test young fester
I need to know you understand
All the special Ingredients
That will heal the dying land

Of course Fester replied
Now I can say to you
Earth, Fire, Air and Water
Then North, East, South, West too

And then with a magic spoon
Clockwise you spin
Then stir anticlockwise
To add the energy in

Well done the Baker said
Slapping Fester on the back
Then you must go and spread the word
As soon as you go back

A recipe book Fester promised
To pass through generations
That explains the secret
Of the 8 magical connections

For Festa never did forget
That all swamp life is precious
And always carried with him
The secret 8 star message

And sometimes if we are lucky
We can find the recipe once more
For we need not search high and low
To open up the magic door

And sometimes when you are Thinking
That all your life is hard
Remember the secret of the 8
For it will remind you why your here on Earth

It’s very simple really
It’s what they don’t teach at school
It’s about growing and life
Magic and the photosynthesis rule