One of my students, Joanne, wrote this poem as she was making her Crane Bag. It’s all about working-with the goddess and I love it, I feel it’s just perfect for this season of the year. We all need to be knitted …

She has asked me this.
She picks the color,
she picks the method,
and as I knit,
I feel that I am being knitted.

As I knit,
all that I am
is pulled and knitted in,
the child,
the mother,
the crone.

As I knit,
she sits with
whispering in my ear
how to seam the bottom,
how to make the straps,
how attach beads and ribbon,
She sits with

In one moment
one mystic moment
she and I are knitted together.

The power of this moment
demands that I stop
within the raw gratitude and reverence
that washes over me
that washes over me and
spills out
tears rolling.
These tears also become part of the knit.

This moment
this pause,
that never again will come,
will forever remain woven
within my bag
within my soul.

Image “Knit me Flowers” by Oana