Midwinter blog from Suzi Crockford

“If we are to have peace on Earth we must develop a world perspective… All life is inter-related. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” – Martin Luther King

Suzi 2

Everything is made up of the same stuff – hopefully we’re all pretty clear on that now. We; you, me, the other than human tribe and the land herself are all made up of the same stuff, we’re part of the same thing. We can no more be separate than an individual Honey Bee can be separate from her Hive. And like that Honey Bee those of us in the Northern Hemisphere should probably be dreaming in the darkness now.

Suzi 3

Between Samhain, when the old year dies, and Imbolc when the first shoots of the new year start to thrust their way up in earnest, there is an invitation to quietness, softness and slowness. The mornings are dark and often misty. The trees have shed their leaves and their monochrome silhouettes decorate a landscape that is all about the bare bones of the land, the stones, the roundness, or the ruggedness, of the territory.

Suzi 1

We need to slow down in order to be able to access the deep places within ourselves that don’t get our attention during most of the rest of the year. We need to slow down in order to be able to listen – to ourselves and to the land.

Suzi 5

On Solstice night the sun sets on the shortest day and thereafter for three days it rises in the same place on the horizon. The world seems to stop turning. After three days of the sun seeming to rise and set in the same place the interplanetary dance begins again, another round of life-death-life for another year.

Suzi 6 RobinSo my Solstice wish for you is that you can take time, that you make time, to slow down. To stop and listen to the calling of the beautiful black Raven and the tiny Wren, the round red-breasted Robin and the Tawny Owl. Do you know what they sound like? Perhaps now is the moment to find out. Take time to listen to the wind in the bare branches of trees, or the rain on the sodden winter earth, or the ice freezing on the surface of a puddle. Take time to listen to your own dreams. What’s in there – underneath the shopping lists and the rush- rush-busy? What affects one affects us all – and if we were to take a little time, find a more considered and connected perspective, who knows what we might achieve.

Suzi 7 fireMay the slow wind of the Solstice Spiral bring you face to face with The Great Mystery, within our Earth and within yourself.

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