Arthur stood at bay.
‘God’s teeth! What’s this?’ His breath hissed.

Her face held the face of every beast on Earth.
Her eyes were owl’s eyes
Her your nose was a cat’s nose,
Her ears were lion’s ears,
Her teeth were wolf’s teeth,
Her hands were bear’s claws,
Her feet were the hooves of goats.
Her legs were like tree roots
Her body is gnarled like the trunk of Yggdrasil
And her arms were knotted branches.
Her breasts were great hills and mountains
And her belly and hips were big enough to birth the world!
She slithered down from her horse and crouched before him,
Her knees bent as though she was about to drop a calf.

‘Ahhhh!’ she sighed the word out long and hissing like a snake.
‘I am Ragnall, the owl who shadows the moon.
I cause all who see me to shiver.
I am mistress of the beasts.
I hold all creatures within me and give them succour.
Any man who harms a beast, harms me!
Any man who harms a plant, a flower or a tree,
Harms me!’
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