“Th002 owl woman danielle barlowere’s a power in stories that are tied to landscapes in this way. What Elen’s novel suggests to me is that these stories exist because they represent something of how we are supposed to interact with the land. If we remember the stories about how to live in a place, we can live peacefully there. If we forget those stories, or ignore them, we can set off the cascade of bad things that happen when you don’t respect the place.”

Nimue has some very interesting things to say about the stories-of-place where we live. For me the stories are as much the spirits-of-place as the spirits themselves, the one is the other.

Nimue says of Owl Woman, “On one level it’s a mug of cocoa and cold winter’s afternoon sort of book. On another level, it’s a passionate case for ancestral wisdom, for respecting what’s handed down and respecting the land you live on.” She is sooooo right, it is, both! That’s what I intended 🙂

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