Lammas Greetings – Two Sides of One Coin

Corn Dolly from Winterspells
Corn Dolly from Winterspells

Lammas greetings to everyone ❤

Just been exchanging greetings with friends from Oz. They, of course, are upside-down to us so it’s Imbolc for them :-). I love this, that the Earth can be both seasons at once. That is the reality of the goddess and the god for me – the apparent opposite that together make the whole.

The Lady and the Lord, the goddess and the god, the Land and her Guardian … that is what our tradition is about. Everything stems from that, from macro to micro, from the Earth herself down to our DNA double helix. Our spirit-self and our personality-self express this too … spirit is the goddess, personality is the god who guards her.

Lord & Lady drawingsKnowing friends on the other side of the world really brings all this home to me. They are experiencing the opposite side of the coin to me at exactly the same moment … but that is what it is, two sides of one coin! This illustration from a 4,000 year old Celtic brooch expresses it perfectly. If you turn the image of the old man upside-down you get the picture of the young woman … and vice versa!

Our ancestors knew a thing or two that we have mostly forgotten 🙂

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  1. Brilliant Elen, I have just been working on a birth chart for a client and really looking into these opposites, and trying to add in the Celtic festivals 🙂 I am curious, are you aware of any minor festivals that lie between the major 8?


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