Tony Blair has recently talked about SNP nationalist politics as Cave Man. He said, “It’s the politics of the first caveman council when he pointed with his club across the forest and said ‘they’re the problem, over there, that’s the problem.” This is man who “earns” millions, who has a degree from Oxford, who has been called intelligent, but he still subscribes to the outdated, stupid and wrong idea of our ancestors! He obviously has no knowledge of the 1966 Chicago conference, “Man the Hunter”, where all these old ideas of our ancestors being stupid and Ugg Ugg were blown out of the water. Mind you, Mhairi Black fell into that trap somewhat as well, speaking of our ancestors as “primitive”!

You know, I think this whole illusion of “progress” that perhaps 99% of humans suffer with is one of the biggest causes of our current frightful world situation. As a shaman I’m also quite fascinated by our our very ancient ancestors lived their lives and the more I study and learn the more I see that the whole illusion of “progress” and “primitive” is just that – an illusion! It seems to have come about as a sop to our egos … of course, Paleolithic people couldn’t possibly be as clever, advanced and civilised as we are, we must (of course we must!) be “better” than them!

Aheem !!! How many hours a week do you and yours have to work to keep up any sort of lifestyle? 30 … 40 … more? How much free time do you have? What artistic or creative skills do you have? And how much time do you have to pursue them? Are you happy? Do you have people around you who support you? Are your children happy? when did you last experience Joy ???

Our paleolithic ancestors had to work – hunt and gather, as a group – about 15 hours a week in a bad week in order to have everything they needed. The rest of the time they had free to play, enjoy, make music, think, talk, discuss and create fabulous art like this …


Or this 35,000 year old bone flute found in Germany …

stone age bone flute

So … Mr Blair and Ms Black … shall we try thinking again before we hand out stupid comments as we try to insult each other ???

Our ancestors didn’t have “politics” as we know it. Politics came in with the concept of “ownership” and that came in when we invented farming! And that, in Britain, was a mere 6,000 years ago!

Think about that … before we invented farming we knew we belong to the Earth, NOT that we own any part of the Earth, nor can we or should we “control” her. We worked with the Earth, learning from her seasons, learning from her animals, learning from her plants, learning from her rocks. We owned nothing. We shared everything with all the rest of creation. There were no wars … what for? We didn’t envy our neighbour’s field, he didn’t have/own a field! Oh yes, I’m sure there were fights and jealousies and that sort of stuff, but no Earth-shattering wars. There was unlikely to be much greed … what for? You could have and make anything you wished, you could exchange with your friends and neighbours for something they were good at with something you were good at. There was no hierarchy of owner-slave or worker, all that came in with farming again. Diseases like arthritis, diabetes, cancer were incredibly rare because we ate properly and in season, and from the land where we lived.

There was trade and travel. The Neanderthals traded for ochres and pigments to do their art for instance, traded for hundreds and perhaps thousands of miles! People travelled far and wide as we know from examining their teeth.

So … “progress” ??? Primitive ??? Working ourselves to the bone, being terrified of most of nature, living crammed together in hive-cities, always being afraid, always needing to buy more and indulge in “retail therapy” … Oh yes? I think we’ve gone backwards!

And we managed to invent politics too! So we screw the Greeks, we screw the poor, we screw the disabled. In Yankee-Land they call the poor and disabled “clunkers” like old clapped-out cars !!! And this is “progress” ???

Mr Blair, your comment just shows how utterly ignorant you are.