the-moons-song.jpgI’m having the most wonderful and amazing time re-exploring my old work with dreams. When I had my transpersonal & shamanic practice in London back in the early 90s, my main focus was working with dreams. I loved it. All this new work with the trainings that seems to be coming to life in me at the moment as brought me, last night and today, to re-work the dream work … Dream Weaving i used to call it and think I will still.

The looking back to look forward research has taken me back to my time with Barbara Somers and, from there, into all sorts of places.

I’m currently back with my old lover, Jung :-). No, of course he was never my physical lover! But I’ve always loved him and found he sparks things off in more as well as giving me of his own wisdom. Am beginning again with his Dreams

And yes, there will be a workshop-training, possibly a series, coming out of this 🙂