Following the Deer Trods by Danielle barlow
Following the Deer Trods by Danielle Barlow

Well ye gods and little fishes! I’ve spent the past 2 months in conflab with otherworld putting together a new way of working. They wanted change … the old way was no longer satisfactory so we had to work and struggle with what would be best for the new.

It’s a real two-way-stretch … they know what they would like. We have to work out what I can do. And what I would like as well! A proper negotiation. This is how it is in my tradition, we work together and they respect me equally as I respect them, so we have to each say what we need as well as what we want and then discover if this is possible.

Some of the things they said were a bit of a wrench … ain’t it always so when we have to give up something? LOL For the time being I’m not doing Rainbow Warriors, the advanced course. Oh they seem to think it will come back, but different. The way they want me to work now is quite a lot different to how I have been for the past 20 years and it feels a bit like putting on a completely new dress in a style I’ve not really worn before. Like I’m not quite sure what to do with the sleeves, the length is odd, and the material feels new … know what I mean?

It was quite scary hitting the “update” button on the pages I’ve changed and I’m still not sure I’ve got them really right! They are “good enough” though, I got that from the otherworldly gang … along with a kick in the butt to make me get on with it! Situation normal then 🙂

So, people … this is the new training and workshops that’s on offer and it all starts rolling early in 2016. I’m looking for applications for the apprenticeship now – you’ll see why when you look at the page. And the first workshop – the Cornish workshop – is next May. People are beginning to book already and, you know, that’s almost a bit scary! It’s also fabulous good fun 🙂

Take a look at the new pages … see what you think … and do send in applications 🙂

Oh! And if you’re brand new at the apprenticeship and just signing or signed on don’t panic! All will be well and you’ll be fine … there is a transition stage between people who’ve signed on in the old way and those who will be signing on in the new. Same if you’re already doing Rainbow Warriors, your courses will continue 🙂