Rewilding … this is a subject so very dear to my heart. I fully support the concept and am doing all I can to help it come to pass.If the subject interests you do go and read this site, it’s very good and, I suspect, will get even better as it grows …

There are lots of problems and this one, to me, is probably one of the worst …

Other challenges to rewilding – Sport shooting

Huge swathes of land in Britain are managed for exclusive sporting interests. Grouse shooting and deer stalking keep the land in a degraded state. Grouse moor managers burn heather to create a habitat that favours grouse. This damages the soils, prevents tree growth and keeps away other species.

Deer estates tend to keep deer populations high. Deer numbers are so high in Scotland that half the country’s native woodlands are dying because of deer over grazing.

Sport shooting is an obstacle to rewilding because it places a value on continued degradation and not on nature. Some landowners have successfully combined sport with rewilding actions. They have shown it can be done but they are in the minority.

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