My friend Roger Ketteringham shared this with me. It’s excellent. As it says in the article … With the reality that all matter is energy vibrating at different frequencies, it is reasonable to say that all matter has consciousness in its unique way, since all matter comes from the same source and is comprised at its basics level of the same building blocks.

This is a concept that’s normal to pagans … it needs to be normal to everyone if we are to survive on Earth. Do have a read and share it around, it needs to be read as widely as possible.

Plant Nervous System

Each root apex harbors a unit of nervous system of plants. The number of root apices in the plant body is high and all brain-units are interconnected via vascular strands (plant nerves) with their polarly-transported auxin (plant neurotransmitter), to form a serial (parallel) nervous system of plants. The computational and informational capacity of this nervous system based on interconnected parallel units is predicted to be higher than that of the diffuse nervous system of lower animals, or the central nervous system of higher animals/humans.

mycorrhizal_pine_finalThis picture shows mycorrhizal activity with pine and fly agaric

In the research of Jagadish Chandra Bose, in plant stimuli, he showed with the help of his newly invented crescograph that plants responded to various stimuli as if they had nervous systems like that of animals. He therefore found a parallelism between animal and plant tissues. His experiments showed that plants grow faster in pleasant music and its growth retards in noise or harsh sound.

via The Consciousness of Plants | Wake Up World.