spring peeper frog
spring peeper frog

“Frogs and toads are a part of local biodiversity – the amazing variety of life around us. Conserving biodiversity is essential to the health of the planet and the welfare of humankind.” Frogs are being monitored globally as well because they are considered an ‘indicator species’ due to their vulnerability to changes in the atmosphere and habitat. [read full post here]

This quote arrived with me via Facebook friends and is part of an interesting blog from Nova Scotia. It’s a good read that I find slightly scary … it’s written by a person who lives and works in a city . She says … “I should have been alerted to Spring’s arrival when I bought the pussy willows and mayflowers at a Halifax market almost a month ago. Maybe I should have clued in when the crocuses bloomed, or when I noticed robins tapping about the sunflower bed. Even when Easter came and went, I was oblivious. Maybe the white noise of the city outside my office window had something to do with it.” Oooof! to a person who lives over half a mile from the nearest small country road it’s scary to consider being so overwhelmed by city-things – white noise – and so disconnected!

Frogs, all sorts of species of frogs, live in cities. There are bogs and ponds and water sources of all sorts they use as habitat. Again, the writer says, “As I drove away, I thought about these small frogs, living in the city, where a boardroom decision can destroy their habitat with a few pushes of a bulldozer.” Bulldozer? A few pushes of a pen … instigated by a sluggish mind that never thinks beyond itself, its wants, the next burger … the next interest payment on its shares!

If we want to live on Planet Earth this has to change. We act like selfish, spoilt, children with huge egos that cannot conceive of being told they’re wrong. How often are children told they’ve got it wrong nowadays? How can they learn to know when they’ve got it wrong if they never experience it, if it’s always “all right”, if they never have to clean up the mess and feel the consequences?

They, those spoilt children when they get old enough to make a serious difference (I can’t use the word adult, such children never get to adulthood!) are the ones who scratch their signature with a pen on a document that sets those bulldozers off pushing … destroying the frogs’ habitat! And they think it doesn’t matter. And they think it’s all OK because “economics” and money will make it all right. And, in any case, everything has always been all right from childhood because somebody else has dealt with the mess and they’ve never been allowed to see the consequences!

And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better …

Arrrgghhh! I’m off to Boscaslte in Cornwall tomorrow. I really will try not to throw myself off the cliff there – as Tristan does in Moon Song – but come home again on Thursday. For the cats’ and the garden’s sakes …