shit creek paddle store

Well, I feel unsurprised by the 2015 election results. From watching social media, news and other “stuff” over the past 5 years I was of the opinion the British public really still hadn’t a clue what they’d got for a government, nor what lies they were being told. It seems they just don’t want to know. They like the lies. The lies fit with how they want to see the world. In consequence I suspected that Earth and otherworld would decide to rub their faces in it some more … as they have with the potential slight majority of the Tory party. As somebody said on Facebook, “He [Cameron] is doing what Hitler did with the Jews but he’s doing it with the weak and vulnerable.” – yes, he is. And their whole organisation could give Joseph Goebbels the run-around for propaganda … and half the British public believes it!

Sheesh! What a bloody idiot people! And we call this progress ???

And thereby hangs a lot of the tail. The whole concept of progress, growth, an economy fuelled by retail buying, the concept of having lots of money being good, of competition being good, are utter crap and totally unsustainable. But people with alphabet soup after their names tell everyone (with lots of long words and hifalutin sounding jargon) that they are the only way to do things … and 50% of the voting population believe them! Sheesh!

Education nowadays is a farce. It’s about getting “qualifications” for a good, lots-of-money job. When I was at school – which is only 50 years ago, and that’s really not very long ago – education was about learning to think. Now it seems to be about spouting whatever the text book says so you can pass the exam and the school won’t get relegated! Sheesh!

And education standards have gone down. Yes, they really have! Again, when I was taking my GCEs (before GCSEs!) the pass mark – a bare grade E pass mark – was 47.5%. Now a “good” grade C is 45% … i.e. not even what would have been a bare pass mark for me! And we think (?) we live in a good, well-educated nation? As the commander at Bastogne said, “Nuts!” And if you don’t know who, where and what Bastogne was you are making my point! Just as Cameron did when he didn’t know which year the Americans entered WWII!

We live in an idiot nation that has no idea how to think for itself, where individuals have no idea how to think, where they don’t know how to ask the right questions.

I’m not feeling good or happy about the next 5 years under twat-of-the-century Cameron. He will harm everything I care for. He is just like the Norman invaders of 1066, putting up their huge, stark white castles and terrorising the native British people. He has the them-and-us mentality down to a T. He knows he’s right and has no intention of asking the people … partly because he knows (as I said above) that enough of them don’t know how to think and will not question what he says and does. He is a rich advertising man with all the skills of advertising men … do you watch the TV programme Mad? Well that’s what you’ve got heading up the government of this poor wretched country!

Somebody on Facebook said it was time to move to Scotland … wish I could! Nicola Sturgeon is the only politician in this election that I liked.

A good thing I saw in the results so far … the LibDems have lost 46 seats. Yes, I said a good thing! That stupid idiot Clegg moved in with the Tories at the last election and killed masses of support – including me! I would never vote for them again, at least not while twats like Clegg, Alexander and Cable are in the party. Oh, I just learned Alexander and Cable lost their seats, good! Hopefully, they may realise (though Clegg won’t) that being turncoat to your principles is a betrayal and that people don’t forgive betrayals.

I was sorry to hear Ed Balls had lost his seat – he was one of the few in what was called the Labour party to have any! It does sound as if he didn’t make a lot of effort … perhaps he’s given up on a party led by a Millipede … ? We don’t have a Labour party … not since that twat Blair screwed it up.

So … where am I? Up shit creek without a paddle, as I expected.

I’m building my walls, asking for protection, thankful for all the things otherworld has given me so far, and trying to keep myself safe.

I hope, hope, that enough people will come out of the woodwork so we can actually have a revolution, and I don’t even mind if it’s a bloody one. We need to shake up the whole idea of thinking, government, economics, caring, and most of all sharing! That isn’t going to happen overnight and needs a helluva lot of stimulus from Earth and otherworld … hence the 2015 election results. As they say, every nation gets the government it deserves! Think about that! I believe it’s true because we seem to be largely a nation that cannot think, does not question, and cannot change its own nappy (diaper to my American friends!)

Perhaps we will actually attain adulthood (or maybe come close) over the next 5 years instead of being whiny, ignorant and selfish teenagers. I’m not holding my breath …