Lo Res - Trees of the GoddessThank you Siobhan, that’s a really good review. You help me see the book, and the work, better too 🙂

Trees of the Goddess – Elen SentierMay 3, 2015 ~ siobhanwaters

Sentier has compiled a book of tree lore that surpasses anything else I’ve read on the topic. It’s full of wisdom and doesn’t neglect the practical side either, with information on what part of the trees is good for building this or that, what’s good to eat and what’s not, and what makes good medicine, and spiritual. The book also focuses on the ecosystems surrounding each tree or shrub, which is fascinating and has really improved my knowledge of my surrounding countryside. On the spiritual side, I am eager to explore the Ogham as presented with this book. The journeying exercises presented are based in mutual exchange and respect for the landscape, which is always lovely to see. When she deviates from tradition this is clearly laid out and explained. She creates a perfect balance between the myths, legends and magic of each of the trees and their flesh and bark being, and the ecosystems surrounding the trees. I feel like I understand each of these trees on many levels now, whereas before I felt like I just knew information, which is not the same. I am excited to make my own set of Ogham, as described in the book.This is a book I will return to on more than one occasion.

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