I just had this email from Cats Protection. This is why I support them and sponsor a cat-pen

There’s a new cat in your pen this week and she’s quite the character!

Polly catPC Polly was all alone

PC Polly was christened with her unusual name when she was brought to the centre after being arrested by the police!

This little girl acquired her unusual name when she was brought to the adoption centre by Belfast police after being reported as a stray. Sadly, Polly has been at the centre for over a year now, which makes her one of our one of our longest staying cats. Shaped by her time spent straying on the streets of Belfast, she is a tough and independent lady. Lately, she has been making the most of the good weather and has been enjoying lazing in the sun in the Belfast Adoption Centre play run, as well as playing with staff and volunteers. The play run is a great way for cats at the centre to spend time outside, and PC Polly loves to climb up high on the play frame to look out on the outside world.

Polly cat 1A street-wise, cool cat, Polly nevertheless loves spending her time snuggling on her heat pad, and would adore a warm fire to curl up in front of in her future forever home. Although at times she can be unpredictable, PC Polly is a friendly cat who would ideally be suited to an experienced owner who will give her the patience and understanding she deserves.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about the adventures of PC Polly, and thank you so much for your support – without it, she would still be wandering the streets alone.

If you feel you could sponsor a pen too please contact Cat Protection … it only costs £6/month and is so, so worthwhile 🙂