Life is sticky for me at the moment! There’s lots to do but my internet and mobile phone connections are screwed – something that’s been going on for 18 months now. It’s really hard to write, work, care for students, and keep things going properly with the books without being able to communicate easily. I was talking with a friend yesterday and he was saying how much “modern technology” seems to rule in so many of our lives and indeed it does. Like just about everything in life this can be both good and bad!

9-House-&-Pond-2002I live in the back of beyond, on the edge of the Brecons in Wales, over half a mile from the nearest road which is only a country road anyway. I have no neighbours, my own spring for our water supply, a large garden which is full of wildlife (and bloody rabbits! See my gardening blog!) and I just don’t have to hear people or traffic or the usual noise pollution most folk suffer. I need this, I can’t write without this solitude. The major drawback seems to be that modern technology is largely geared for “city-people” … and I’m not one of those!

Without modern technology I am very isolated and keeping in touch with friends, publisher, students and all the rest of the folk I work with would be very difficult. So I need the modern-tech and I need the solitude. I do lots of things that aren’t connecting me to the internet – gardening, walking, sitting, watching wildlife, reading, playing with the cats – so I’m by no means a tech-junky but it is important to my life and life without it would be very difficult.

I think this sort of balance is really important for everyone, and especially children. We need to connect with nature, with the planet that enables us to be alive at all and we won’t do this if we stay plugged into our computers and smart-phones! I’ve just been writing a blog about toad and frog spawn; this entailed me being …

• on the laptop to do the writing
• connected to the internet to get the right pix
• connected to the internet to do a quick bit of research-checking
• connected to the internet to put the blog up

IMAG1493-1-1Now I’m writing this blog … again on the laptop and connected to the internet so I can give you the hyperlinks to the blog article in case you’re interested in toads and frogs :-). But very shortly I’m off into the garden as I’ve got a bed to prepare for sowing wildflowers into (I’ll post more on that on the gardening blog later). Then I have to get myself together for going to Exmoor next week which includes a bit of shopping (I hate shopping!). If the sun shines I’ll probably sit out by the pond and do some spinning outside, or reading. Then there’s all the usual fun-stuff of playing with the cats and talking with the husband. Will likely watch a bit of TV later too 🙂

Life is sticky without a reliable broadband and mobile connection. When it all crashes I can’t do what I need to do, all my plans go out of sync, like yesterday the gardening had to get left because I was doing communication the hard way when the broadband crashed and I ended up with no mobile signal either! So … I love modern technology and use it but I also spend more than half my day connecting with the Earth, gardening, sorting the wildlife and bird-food, out for a walk, or just sat enjoying the sounds of nature. We all need both but balanced, not too much of one without enough of the other … and that can go both ways!

Off to try to fix a bit more of this pesky technology and prep that flower bed 🙂