This is such good news! I hope they succeed (perhaps a bit later) with the reintroduction of wolves. The rewilding of Britain will do so much good in so many ways, from seriously helping with the rebalance of species, through remaking of proper ecosystems, to the remembering of how we live with Nature …

Eurasian lynx
Eurasian lynx

“We would like to see large parts of Britain set aside for what has become known as ‘rewilding’ – which means repairing damaged ecosystems, restoring natural processes and reintroducing lost species, including the beaver to create a richer, wilder environment,” said Trust Chief Executive Stuart Brooks.

The Trust believes that such a visionary approach would benefit not just nature, but also people and communities, especially in remote areas. Rewilding pockets of our towns and cities could also play a role in bringing nature into more of our lives.

“The Trust has taken a rewilding approach to the management of its properties for 30 years, long before the term was coined,” said Stuart Brooks. “Rewilding is about intervening to repair damage and restart natural processes – for example, by managing deer to allow native woodlands to regenerate; or by re-introducing missing species, such as beavers, that perform key functions in our ecosystems. That in turn will ultimately allow nature to take its own course and be more resilient in the face of climate change.

via John Muir Trust backs reintroduction of beaver – and lynx | Walkhighlands.