Wild boar shot with arrow in Coleford

This article is very good but will be difficult for many …I love having the wild boar back in the Dean, it’s marvellous, but they need to be culled – humanely and by good shots not any damned idiot who does it for fun !!!

Why do they need to be culled? Because we humans have made the large preadtors who kept the ecological balance extinct in Britain. In our not very distant past there were wolves and lunx and other big cats, and bears, in our woods and wild lands. They kept the harmony by taking and eating the excess prey population. The ecololgical disaster of not doing this can be seen by looking at what happened in Yellowstone. The great good of returning these preadtors to the land can also be seen by looking at Yellowstone.

So, in the absence of the wolves and big cats, we humans must take up the role of preadtor. we created the problem so we must sort it. If the boar aren’t culled there will soon get to be too many, far more than the forest can look after and feed. As a result the boar will become sick. And they will also suffer badly from humans who take the matter into their own hands. Proper culling, by good shots armed with the right guns will make sure the boar are healthy and their population is stable. And … their meat is excellent, we can eat it. It’s much, much better for us than the ghastly famred meat most people eat. And the boar have a good life in the forest. And they have a good, quick death given by respectful and competent hunters. Please, please help to make sure this happens ..