Great review of Gardening with the Moon & Stars …GWMS cover

A delight for gardeners – practical advice in Biodynamics 9 Mar. 2015
By M. C. Morison Published on Murray Morrison has written an excellent novel Time Sphere too.

Green fingers is a gift every gardener would love to have. Some people’s gardens thrive and others (mine for instance) stumble along. Gardening with the Moon and the Stars is the kind of book that gives your fingers a verdant quality.

Rudolf Steiner, the remarkable Austrian philosopher and polymath, turned his thinking towards gardening and farming and applied these insights in a series of lectures that formed the basis for Biodynamics, nearly one century ago. Then, as Elen Sentier explains in her engaging and highly practical book, Maria Thun developed the star calendar to guide market gardeners in when to plant. Her experiments with radishes determined which times favoured roots, when leaves would flourish, when was best for flowers and what celestial timing proved best for fruits. Sentier explains not only the key biodynamic preparations, and why, four example, the cow’s horn works and the bull’s horn does not, for the key ‘500’ preparation. She slips in little bits of theory and highly practical suggestions as the pages fly by. You will learn how to make excellent compost (beating the heavy stems of broccoli with a hammer was a new tip for me at least!) and the joys of using wormeries.
What comes over all through the book is the author’s great enthusiasm for her craft and the joy it gives her. That is contagious. This is a should-have book for any keen gardener and a must-have book for those gardeners who appreciate the vale of the remarkable insights that Steiner gave to those who love the land.